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The ultimate building of Dzamling Gar, The Gönpa, is beginning to take shape now with the generous contributions of Rinpoche’s students from all over the world. At this moment, the active participation of each member of The International Dzogchen Community is needed to raise the funds necessary to complete the Gönpa as soon as possible. Dzamling Gar is the fruition of nearly forty years of Rinpoche's activity around the globe, and his vision of its Gönpa is inspiring us all to offer whatever we can to realize this dream and awaken to this reality. Our collaboration can make the Gönpa of Dzamling Gar come alive.


home features aAccumulation of Merits

For those of us who wish, or who are not in a position to support the development of Dzamling Gar financially, there is always the possibility to support the project through practice. We have already accumulated more than 110,000 Jigme Lingpa Ganapuja's in support of the Gar. We now aim to accumulate 500,000.


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